Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eight minutes to live

Eight minutes to live
I was watching CNN this morning and they played a small trailer of the movie “Source Code”. In the scene, Jake Gyllenhaal asks this question to I guess, his girlfriend, “What would you do, if you knew you only have less than eight minutes to live?” and she replies.”I ‘ll make those seconds count”.
I lifted my coffee mug in approval and said to myself…that is so right!
Which compels me to ask you this question...what are you doing right now? Are you making those seconds count?
We really have no way to tell how much longer we are going to live. Just watching the news, things like earthquakes, tsunamis, mining accidents, bus crashes, floods, snow storms and so forth should bring you the perspective that life is too frail, and too short. Please understand, I am not a fatalist, but I am trying to wake you up out of you complacency. Life is really too short!
So why don’t today, take some minutes of your 24 hour long day and make some seconds count? Go outside, enjoy the sun. Get on the floor and play with your kids until you get dirty and sweaty! Call your parents and tell them how grateful you are for everything they had done for you. Play fetch with your dog; call that very special friend you haven’t talked in years. Do something new for yourself!
When you hug somebody, just don’t give a plain hug, hug them like you mean it, like you are holding to them for your dear lifewhen you are having a meaningful conversation with somebody, look at them in the eyes and showed them with your body language, how much you care for them, and when you kiss, kiss like this is going to be the very last kiss of your life. The other person will really notice the difference, and will love you more for that. Life is worth living if you make those seconds count. Live in the here and now, the future is a mere speculation.
I do hope that everybody who gets to see the movie gets the message too!


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